Our Story

Prom Prep began in 2017 in order to reach out to the girls in our community and get to know them. We wanted to find a fun way to help them see their own beauty and worth and to let them know that we are here and we are for them. Prom is a big day in a girl’s life, so we thought that would be the best place to start! Several organizations do such a great job at getting prom dresses for young women, and we didn’t want to compete with them. So we thought “Let’s get them ready for prom! What’s more fun than that?!” From there, Prom Prep was born.

What We Do

When an organization hosts a Prom Prep event, they give girls the opportunity to receive all the services of a salon. All for free! All the girls have to do is simply make an appointment and show up! Volunteers will be there to welcome the girls when they come, and there will be professionals and volunteers who will do the girls hair, makeup, and nails! There will also be professional photographers there to capture the fun and beauty of the girls who attend. After the event, the girls will be able to download their professional prom photos!


Our Vision

To empower the next generation of women to know their worth.


Our Mission

We will create a comfortable place for the next generation of women to have fun, receive love, and be themselves.



That getting ready for prom should be fun!
That every girl should feel loved, beautiful, and confident.
That every girl should feel comfortable and safe in the environments we create.
That we should be women known for building up rather than tearing down.
That we should be a bridge rather than a barrier
That the next generation is worth it.