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Prop Prep is an incredible opportunity to get outside of your organization and get to know the next generation of women in your community! Through these events, you spend three to four hours getting to know the girls—their names & their stories. We get to be a conduit of love and encouragement through the time we spend with them, and really empower them to know that we are here, we are for them, and they are worth it!

We would love for you to join us as we link arms in this movement to show love and value to the next generation of women across the nation!

We have made it incredibly simple to bring Prom Prep to your community! Through our toolkit, we give you everything your team will need to create an amazing experience for the girls who will attend, and it can even be organized in 6 weeks or less! Check it out below!

What You Get

  • Professional Website to manage volunteers, clients, and event information
  • Organized and Professional Photo Hosting for clients to easily find and download their photos
  • Media Release Forms for clients and volunteers
  • Consultation with a Prom Prep representative via phone or video chat
  • Downloadable:
    • Social Media graphics with suggested captions
    • Large Screen graphics
    • Email & text templates to stay connected with volunteers and clients
    • Timelines (option of 10 weeks or 6 weeks timeline)
    • Supply List
    • Flyers
    • Bulletin Inserts / Informational Cards
  • Best Practices Booklet, which includes:
    • Effective ways to gain volunteers and clientele
    • Recommended layout of event set up
    • Photo and makeup suggestions
    • Volunteer Talks
    • Ways to get the community involved through donating supplies
  • Available as an Additional Purchase:
    • Volunteer T-shirts
    • Signage (yard signs, banners, etc. as needed for your space)

Join the
Prom Prep

includes access to everything listed
for an unlimited number of events for 1 year!

 By purchasing a toolkit, we'll give you all the tools and tips you'll need to create your own Prom Prep event in your city! The only thing we don't provide are the people and supplies, but, don't worry! We'll tell you how to get them!

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