We Need Your Help!

Prom Prep is an incredible opportunity to get outside of your organization and get to know the next generation of women in your community! Through these events, you get to spend three to four hours getting to know the girls—their names and their stories. We get to be a conduit of love and encouragement through the time we spend with them and realy empower them to know that we are here, we are for them, and they are worth it!.

Prom Prep events are open to all girls who want to attend. No matter who walks in, we're here to serve them and love them! As volunteers, we want to keep particular values in mind.

Prom Prep
Be fun!
Be a safe space.

The Positions

If you are willing to serve, we can use you, regardless of your skillset! For every event we need women to do the following:

  • Hospitality: This is a role for anyone! You spend the day greeting, serving food, answering questions, and generally, just being encouraging!
  • Hair: We would ask that you have some experience in hair styling for this position. If you don't, but would still like to serve in this area, then, as long as you can curl the girls hair in preparation for the stylist, you're needed here! You will work with the girls to help give them the style they're looking for.
  • Makeup: If you have some experience in this area, GREAT! If not, then we ask that you take a look at some makeup tutorials before you serve, so we can give the girls our very best! You will work with the girls to make sure their makeup looks perfect for their big night!
  • Nails: This is another role for almost anyone! We'll provide the supplies, you'll paint the nails!
  • Setup / Tear Down: We want to go above and beyond in creating a welcoming, appealing environment for our events. If you can decorate or even just move heavy stuff, we could use your help before and after the event!

What are you waiting for?!? We need your help!

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